About Strike Force Heroes 3 Game

GamesThe latest Strike Force Heroes is offered now! Strike Force Heroes 3 is an action-packed, thrilling war-style web browser game that will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat. You play as the captain of a armed forces group, charged with shielding different areas, or catching brand-new landscapes. As the captain, you decide how many colleagues you take with you into the battleground, in addition to which sorts of troops you desire on your team. If you love PvP style games, then you will surely spend hours of enjoyable playing this game!

How to Play

You begin the game with $400 in starting funds and your initial hero– the Engineer. This hero additionally works as your very first squad Captain! Utilize this hero to complete the first objective. Efficiently completing the very first mission will supply you with a little added spending money, in addition to added benefits. In addition, it will likewise enable you to unlock the next objective as well as its succeeding benefits.

Trouble Degrees

Strike Force Heroes 3 deals 50 different objectives for you to complete! Goals one via 20 are designated as the typical difficulty degrees. Missions 21 via 28 are a little harder, so these missions are considered to be the hard trouble degrees. Lastly, objectives 29 via 50 are the most challenging objectives in the game!


Each mission needs differing purposes, as well as consists of different forms of incentives. As an example, Objective 1 is an one versus one Group Deathmatch round, where you combat versus an opposing team containing one solitary player. The person at the end of this goal that accumulates the most eliminates will win as well as get the benefit– a brand-new course to contribute to your group! This round opens the Gunslinger course.